Wood Floor Staining is a way of changing the natural colour of your Floor. People stain their Floors for a number of reasons:

  • They don’t like the natural Colour
  • They have had repairs done to the Floor in the past and the Timber used is a slightly different colour.
  • They want to match a certain colour scheme
  • There is Water damaged on some of the boards
  • They just fancy a change

Whatever your reasons to have your floor stained, you have come to the right place, we specialize in Floor Staining. We can take your old worn out, tired floor and make it a thing of Beauty.

*Colour May vary on the your Floor. Colour’s here are just for a guide of the colour.

Got a Tired Floor? Fancy a Change? Want a different Colour? Why Not Select One Of Our Colour’s

Can’t Decide? Let us do a couple of test samples to help you decide….